lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

GUEST AIRWAYS Aerovias Guest

Recopilacion de fotografias de la flota de Guest:

AIR CARGO FAIRCHILD C.82A-FA PACKET - One of the surplus U.S.A.F. Troop Carrier Packets has now been bought by the small Mexican company, Guest Aerovias Mexico, S.A. (Guest Airways, Mexico. Ltd.), of Mexico City, which operates L.749 Constellation and DC-4 services to Panama, Miami and Ontario. President is Senhor W. Guest. Staff, 252; cargo. 673,000 ton/km. flown in 1954 and 19.103 passengers carried. This C-82A-FA (ex-45-57747). as the inscription "Aerocargo" on the main wheel doors indicates, is to be used for air cargo operations.

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